Our high quality equipment is matched by a skilled employee base and a willingness to meet the machining requirements of our customers.  With over 20 years supplying finished castings and bar stock, Lynar aims to be your single source manufacturing partner.


Whether in-house or outsourced, Lynar has the product volume and the experience to provide quality finishing at affordable pricing.  Painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating, blasting and chroming are just a handful of the finishing services we offer.


Determined to reduce our customers overall product costs, Lynar offers tailored assembly and sub-assembly services.  We co-design integrated line to assembly solutions to maximize efficiencies and limit production waste.

JIT Programs

For long running products, Lynar is eager to offer stocking at our facility.  Arrangements are made according to our customer's requirements.  Let Lynar help you develop a delivery schedule that increases your ability to meet demand while reducing inventory costs.

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  • JIT Programs

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