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Lynar Corporation will become the manufacturing extension of your company. It is our goal to address your technical needs in order to reduce cost and increase functionality of your assemblies.


  • Technical Sales - Lynar Corporation sales managers are experienced machinists and manufacturers, we can give you meaningful answers to your challenging needs.

  • 90% Casting Machining - While bar stock is expertly machined at Lynar Corporation we specialize in the machining of castings in a wide range of materials. We offer assistance in pattern design, material selection and part configuration.

  • Engineers on Staff - Your technical questions will be understood, resulting in a product that is both functional and at the lowest possible cost.

  • Equipment - Size and capability will be matched to your designs.

  • Financial Resources - When justified, equipment and facilities can be added to meet your needs.

  • Project Management - We pride ourselves in managing all aspects of your needs. From purchasing of raw materials to machining, finishing and assembly, Lynar Corporation will see to it that all steps are properly executed.

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