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Lynar Corporation will become the manufacturing extension of your company. It is our goal to offer flexible arrangements, and to simplify the outsourcing process using the following customer services:

  • Direct Sales Instead of Sales Representatives - This assures timely and accurate responses to customer comments and requirements.

  • Single Source Project Management - Customers write one purchase order and we manage the logistics. Our services include purchasing the material, machining, finishing, assembly and testing.

  • Same Day Shipping - Many customers require finished product to be held in our inventory for JIT delivery. Whether deliveries are forecasted ahead of time, or are immediate demand, Lynar Corporation will flex to meet your needs. Included in our stocking program is accurate part counts and notification of nearing contract fulfillment.

  • Our Prices Are Competitive - Utilizing the latest technologies, Lynar Corporation is extremely competitive (See: Case Studies). You will see additional savings by having Lynar Corporation purchase materials and assume all value-added operations. A fully managed and JIT delivered product will arrive at your dock according to your specifications.

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